Things to take into consideration during Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a relatively new marketing idea that was materialized 12 years ago. Back in 2005, many retailers have realized that the amount of web traffic they are getting on the first working day after Thanksgiving weekend is incredibly high. This made them believe that online shopping is a great alternative to classic shopping in physical stores during Black Friday. Many people wanted to stay away from these crowds and started shopping online. Before 2005, the number of sales and the web traffic changes was more or less the same as the days before Thanksgiving.

So, the concept of Cyber Monday deals was accepted by the online retailers and by the customers too. The latest statistics have confirmed that online sales on this day are often increased by 20 to 30% compared to the previous year. Today, online retailers based in many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada have special Cyber Monday deals. But, the increased interest in conducting online Christmas shopping activities has inspired many scammers too. These dishonest individuals and organizations are trying to trick consumers and rip them off. In case you are planning to get involved in Cyber Monday shopping, follow these simple, yet effective tips.

Inverness McKenzie

Inverness McKenzie

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Hanson Deck

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Natalya Undergrowth

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